At Excelsior Venture Capital, we follow a careful strategy of investing in up-and-coming entrepreneurs, artists, and young companies with significant revenues, quality products/services, and capable management that lack the capital and/or expertise to establish a sustainable and profitable venture.







We’ve been there before

Creating a profitable venture is not easy. Entrepreneurs are the hardest working people on earth, but work ethic is often not enough. Experience, expertise, and capital are necessary to build and maintain a profitable business, and these things cannot be obtained overnight.

To build a great business, you need a team that knows the ropes, that has looked failure in the eye and has overcome it. That’s the value that Excelsior VC brings to entrepreneurs who work with us.

A Mentoring Mentality

Our team of experienced business owners and turn-around experts works hand-in-hand with capable but struggling entrepreneurs to create and execute a tailored strategy to promote sustainable growth and profitability.

Portfolio Criteria

Our strategy is designed to maximize upside potential of our portfolio companies while reducing downside risk.

Target companies:

  • Underperforming small businesses
  • 2 years of revenue in excess of $500,000.00
  • Upward trending sales
  • Hard assets (inventory, equipment, etc)
  • Defensible IP or trade secrets
  • Recognizable brand & customer base
  • Capabilities the create barriers to entry for potential competition
  • Committed management willing to accept mentoring and capable of executing new strategies

Target industries:

  • Lifestyle Products
  • Niche Manufacturing
  • Media and Performing Arts

Excelsior Venture Capital

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